I never signed a release folks. At least not with my usual signature. When one of the show’s staff members asked me to sign the release I told her I preferred waiting until after the show. She refused my request and pressured me to sign the release. I smelled a set [...]

The CRTC formally accepted my discrimination complaint yesterday against Tout Le Monde En Parle and Radio Canada. My complaint claims that the hosts of the show had a premeditated agenda for me and that I was treated unfair. A spokesperson from the CRTC contacted me, saying: “I am asking Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [...]

This has been the worst week of my life. I have barely slept since the taping and airing of Tout Le Monde En Parle. Ever since host Dany Turcotte gave me a card saying he’d burn my books in a fire page by page it has been horrifying for me, my family and [...]

The hosts and panel of Tout Le Monde En Parle kept making fun of the way I dressed. Note to them: it is what we are like underneath the skin that matters not an unusual dress sense and it would be boring if we all dressed the same! FYI, I wore the [...]

Yesterday, Dany Turcotte finally spoke out on his Twitter page regarding allegations against him of being an anti semite. Turcotte claimed he had no idea I was Jewish when I did the interview on Tout Le Monde En Parle. “That’s about the most ignorant answer I ever heard,” commented a top U.S. human [...]

In an article in today’s Journal de Montreal, Radio Canada denied any racism or wrongdoing on Sunday night’s edition of Tout Le Monde En Parle. One of the producers of the show Jacques Primeau said the hosts had no hidden agenda and insisted that there was not a hint of antisemitism. (Canoe)
But the [...]


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