A close relative of Toothy Tile spoke to IUC today.  She said she figured out who Toothy Tile was after Ted Casablanca ran his first blind item about him some four years ago.  “It was so easy to figure out who it was,” she said.  “From the first clue I knew right away my new name would [...]

Update:  The Hollywood mogul who claims he was lovers with Toothy made it clear in an email to me last night under no terms was he afraid to come out.  “Almost every studio exec I know is gay,” he said.  “In this case I had to do everything to protect his (Toothy) career and well [...]

The Hollywood executive who claims he had a homosexual relationship with “Toothy Tile” today revealed more intimate details to IUC.  He said they took trips together, rented a secret pad in the Hollywood Hills where they spent weekends together and even dated the same woman to pretend they were both straight.  “We planned everything so noone [...]

Those who have followed Ted Casablanca’s Toothy Tile blind item for
the past four years may be disappointed that I outed Toothy as Jake
Gyllenhaal this week. They may even be tempted to stop reading
Casablanca’s brilliant Awful Truth column on E! Online now that the
fun of figuring out Toothy’s identity has been ruined by yours truly.
That would [...]

IUC had an exclusive interview today with another Hollywood actress who said she was involved with Toothy Tile.  This one, however, admitted she slept with Toothy Tile several times over the past three years.  The actress, who gave us the interview on condition of preserving her anonymity, said Toothy (Jake Gyllenhaal) had sex with her [...]

My regular readers have noticed that since the passage of the vile hate legislation, Proposition 8, in November, I have been outing prominent figures more often than Angelina Jolie adopts babies (speaking of Angelina, she may be a phony, but at least she had the courage to publicly reveal her bisexuality).
My decision to out people [...]

A Hollywood actress who dated actor Jake Gyllenhaal a few years ago revealed several interesting details to IUC about their relationship.  For the sake of her not being blacklisted by studio execs in Hollywood, we’ll refer to her as “Penny”.  Penny told IUC today she stopped dating Gyllenhaal cause he was either “asexual or gay”.  [...]


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