Hate to say I told you so – but I told you so. Also, READ THIS

After having dalliances with some of the world’s naughtiest women it appears Tiger Woods has finally decided to settle down with a much older woman. A pal of the struggling golfer told IUC Woods has been spending a lot of time recently with a former NYC ad executive who is in her mid fifties. [...]

The day the couple officially divorced a close friend of Elin revealed to IUC what really transpired at the Florida mansion that memorable night late last year. “Elin Nordegren is one of my closest friends,” the source told IUC. “Shortly after the terrible incident she called me and told me all the [...]

Hormones…side effects…dirty dancing…leonidas trujillo…cloudy urine…Montreal blowout…Brazilian blowout…tame and wicked…cracks in corner of mouth…fingerless gloves at Diamonds…laced up like Lil Wayne…suboxone…regal lobster…sharks and remoras…tickling the dragon’s tail…no more game…sunzilla seeds…planted everywhere and anywhere…tame the pain…tiger and pooh!

Te Amo,

I said it here and on my Sirius radio segment that Elin would leave Tiger. It appears to have come true. Also, a former close friend of Elin told IUC this morning that Elin stayed with Tiger to let him finish rehab and to position herself for divorce. “While Tiger was away [...]

I finally broke my silence today on Opie and Anthony radio show. Check it out

How can Tiger have got away with this for so long? Let us know your thoughts.
Major Breaking Update: IUC has learned that Tiger’s wife tossed him out a year ago, which was when she first became aware of his cheating. She took him back because he promised to clean up his act. [...]


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