It ain’t Paula…who can it be?  Let us know…I’ll out the judge on my new tv show Tuesday night, details tomorrow…

Simon Cowell recently paid his longtime girlfriend Terri Seymour more than 10 million bucks to take a hike. IUC has learned why. It seems Cowell had been dating on the side a well known Hollywood celeb for more than three years. And the celeb happens to be male. Recently, while undercover, [...]

Simon Cowell has a huge head. He’s been called every name in the book. What I do like about Cowell is you either love him or hate him – there’s no in between. Wonder how he feels about this former Idol contestant saying how he drove her off the edge. READ [...]

Noone on American Idol comes close to Simon when it comes to earning dough. Paula and Randy earn a pittance $2.5 million base each, peanuts compared to Simon’s mega millions. But without Simon could American Idol survive? And do you think his boobs in this photo are more natural than Paula’s? READ [...]

A source at Fox TV has confirmed to IUC that, barring a major

Paula Abdul told staffers at American Idol she’s happy Kara DioGuardi has become the show’s fourth judge. She told reporters “we’re like sisters”. Off camera she went further, overheard telling a friend at dinner “I was never really worried. It’s a good thing. And besides, the show could never [...]

After Paula Abdul was the target of enough groaners the past couple of seasons to last a lifetime the producers of American Idol finally came to their senses. Although they moved as quickly as a wounded caterpillar it was the show’s creator Simon Fuller who decided enough was enough. In fact, the executives at [...]


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