Shania told a colleague last weekend she wants more children but is having a difficult time finding the right man.  If you know anyone who would be a good match for Shania, please post here.  I will make sure she sees the responses.

Reports are rife, including from her own record label, that Shania Twain is not working on a new album.  IUC has confirmed she is hard at work planning her comeback and has composed over 100 new songs to pick from.  So, no matter what the singing legend’s spin doctors say IUC wants you to know [...]

Shania’s breakup several months ago to cheating hubby/producer Mutt Lange inspired her to write dozens of new songs.  Now, she seems ready for a complete makeover.  She told a friend on the weekend she intends to come back with a completely new look.  Shania has
been working out five days a week and is determined to [...]

Still sad about her failed marriage, music superstar Shania Twain is moving back to North America.  According to close friends of the singing sensation, Twain want to change her life.  And she wants to be  far away from cheating hubby/producer Mutt Lange and their Swiss home.
“She’s moved on and feels great,” one friend told IUC.  [...]

A close associate of legendary country star Shania Twain told IUC that the drop dead gorgeous singer wanted to quit singing for quite some time while she was married to producer/cheating hubby Mutt Lange.  “Shania had had enough and wanted to devote herself solely to being a mom,” the source said. 
This plus more in our [...]

One of the key topics covered in our Celeb Media chat tomorrow night will be the failed marriage of Shania Twain.  What really went down?  Find out Wed. 8pm in our chatroom with our special celebrity media guests.

Shania one of topics to be discussed in our Wed. night chat (8pm)

IUC has learned legendary Dire Straits’ frontman and virtuoso producer Mark Knopfler believes he can bring Shania Twain back to the top of the charts.  “Shania’s working with a new producer but is considering bringing on Knopfler to make sure the album goes smooth,” a friend of Shania told IUC.  “He recently told colleagues how [...]


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