Ever since I penned Hollywood Undercover, going undercover as a gay actor in Scientology and Hollywood, Tom Cruise’s house of confession has received a barrage of negative publicity. Former high-ranking Hubbard worshipper Mark Rathburn says Scientologists poked fun at Tom’s confessions while getting hammered at late night parties. (National Post) Last week, another [...]

don’t miss this – special guests will be present.  It will be a blast, tonight, Sunday,  8pm est in ian’s livechat room here at ianundercover.com  Michael Pattinson, who spent over half a million bucks on Scientology cause he believed their offer to cure him of being gay, will be one of our special guests.  Check [...]

The world’s leading authority on the Church of Scientology, long-time Church critic Arnie Lerma, believes that yesterday’s 8-hour blackout of my site, following an explosive expose of new Scientologist Will Smith, was very likely the result of sabotage by the COS.
Lerma, a one-time fiancee of L. Ron Hubbard’s daughter, Suzette, runs the respected Scientology watchdog [...]

The site was overflowing all morning with record traffic. Thank You! But it turns out that was not the problem for the mysterious eight hour shutdown. Once we investigate further and find out the real cause we’ll let you know. Unfortunately, we probably would have had a few million hits today [...]

IUC has learned actor Will Smith has swung both ways for years. According to a notorious Hollywood Madame, Smith was a client of hers for years before she packed up shop and moved her operation to Manhattan earlier this year. She remembers the first time she ever spoke with Smith. (for more on [...]

IUC has learned Katie Holmes has been following religiously today details of Madonna’s plan to divorce. Katie, who wants to leave L.A. for NYC for good, also wants to dump Tom Cruise. She’s grown tired of all his weirdo Scientology friends, according to a friend close to the couple. As for Tom, [...]

During research for my new movie His Highness Hollywood, I posed undercover as a gay actor to expose the homophobia of the Church of Scientology, among others. During my research, I spoke to a prominent Los Angeles artist named Michael Pattinson, who was a Scientologist for almost 25 years and filed a lawsuit in US [...]


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