A Buckingham Palace insider revealed to IUC that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have led separate lives for at least 23 years. The source claims during that time Philip had multiple mistresses, including a well known socialite who is almost 50 years his junior. “He’s shagged many woman, including a well known west [...]

My Royal source tells me The Queen was furious with Duchess Sarah’s behaviour last month but decided to stay quiet in fear that Fergie might blow the whistle on the Royal Palace. “Fergie’s got the goods on the Palace,” the longtime Royals’ employee told me. “So much has gone on in the Palace [...]

A member of the Royal Family contacted IUC two weeks ago expressing concern that Princess Diana was part of a murder plot by the Royal Family.  The Royal Family member claim Prince Philip and one of his workers plotted Diana’s murder for months, in fear that Diana had secret information on the Royal Family that would bring them [...]

For some reason the world forgave him after he wore a swastika armband to a party back in 2005.  Now, he’s caught on video calling one of his army platoon members a “Paki”.  Fortunately, the Prince’s friends are rushing to his defense.  “Harry’s not a racist,” said “Terry”, a close friend of Harry for some [...]

Ever since Diana tragically died, there’s been a never ending rush of vultures trying to cash in. Click here for the most recent.

Looks like Britons are tired of supporting their longest welfare recipients – The Royal Family. OMG, Queen Elizabeth at the ripe age of 82 has finally become self sufficient. She was spotted recently shopping with one of her granddaughters in Knightsbridge. Wonder if she has an black AmEx credit card or [...]


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