Reports today in the UK are rife that Prince Harry reunited this weekend with former gf, curvaceous South African glamor girl Chelsy Davy. But a longtime pal of the effervescent Harry told IUC that it is unlikely Chelsy will take Harry back anytime soon. “They still have deep feelings for each other but [...]

A six month IUC investigation has confirmed that Prince Harry most likely is not the biological son of Prince Charles. According to one of Princess Diana’s closest friends, Diana confided two months before Harry was born that she thought Charles was not he biological father. “She broke down and cried to me several [...]

- People Magazine published this piece on Brad Pitt’s exemplary papa skills.  Funny how they didn’t do the same for Angie on Mummy Day.   (People)
- Don’t think Prince Harry will be sending his eccentric, queer friendly “dad” any wishes today.  A source close to his ex squeeze Chelsy Davy told IUC that Harry believes James Hewitt [...]

Prince Harry is the toast of NYC this week.  Throngs of folks have lined the streets of Manhattan to greet Britain’s popular prince with open arms.  Little do they realize that Harry could soon be stripped of his royal title because he’s not the biological son of Prince Charles, an IUC investigation has revealed.
A longtime [...]

For some reason the world forgave him after he wore a swastika armband to a party back in 2005.  Now, he’s caught on video calling one of his army platoon members a “Paki”.  Fortunately, the Prince’s friends are rushing to his defense.  “Harry’s not a racist,” said “Terry”, a close friend of Harry for some [...]

Prince Harry likes sexy and steamy romance

Prince Harry would trade everything he has to be the next Jackie Collins, a close friend of the Prince recently told IUC.  Self admittedly a talentless writer who dreams of a great career, Prince Harry has been a huge fan of Collins for years.  He told his friend he [...]

IUC has forecasted for months Obama will crush McCain in today’s vote. Who do you think will win? Let us know. Meanwhile, A Russian newspaper today questioned the whole nature of the U.S. voting process. READ THIS


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