Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so!!!!!  Sayonara Paula!!!!! (L.A. Times)

Malakar danced close with Abdul on Season 6

Two weeks ago in the IUC chatroom, legendary Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar insinuated during a live chat that he had sex with judge Paula Abdul.  When asked which judge he’d like to sleep with, he replied “definitely Paula, but I already banged her”.  Most probably he was just [...]

There are whispers this morning that American Idol judge Paula Abdul tried to have sex with a contestant on Season 6, offering him better standing on the hit show.   A source told IUC the former Idol said he was invited to Abdul’s home several times.  “Clearly, Paula wanted to get this guy in bed,” the source told [...]

Sayonara Paula!  A source on American Idol has confirmed to IUC that Paul Abdul will not be back next season.  “We want to go in a different direction,” the source said.  “The show has slowly been going downhill.  It’s time for a major makeover.”  The source added the producers have already made their decision and [...]

If only Britney Spears could sing in studio the way she’s able to cash in on her All American smile she’d be much more pleasant to work with, according to one of her New York record producers. The shapelessness of her psyche during recording sessions transcends into a living recording hell. The incensed [...]

- Kenny Chesney “flirts” with Shania at CMA Awards (AHN)
- Lindsay insists she’s no dyke (SIFY)
- IUC told you so, looks like Paula Abdul will leave American Idol (MSNBC)
- Amy Winehouse’s drug dealer gets nabbed (TMZ)
- Brad Pitt pissed about Jen’s comments in Vogue (Glosslip)
- Rod Stewart, who is the subject of an upcoming IUC [...]

Noone on American Idol comes close to Simon when it comes to earning dough. Paula and Randy earn a pittance $2.5 million base each, peanuts compared to Simon’s mega millions. But without Simon could American Idol survive? And do you think his boobs in this photo are more natural than Paula’s? READ [...]


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