My readers might have noticed that a prominent photo was removed from the list last night at midnight.
IUC has learned that Oprah is seriously contemplating taking a page from her former talk show rival, Rosie O’Donnell, and finally coming out as a lesbian shortly after she gives up her talk show.
During my undercover investigation posing [...]

Instead of making everyone wait till noon, I decided to post this now cause I couldn’t hold it in any longer. During the past week, I’ve used some of my longtime contacts in the publishing business to find out if the rumors I was hearing from a publishing business friend of mine about a supposed upcoming book about Toothy [...]

Some of this year’s miss-list includes:
Kim Kardashian: for mistakenly borrowing style-tips from mama Knowles and over-stimulating the world with an eyeful of bodacious ta-tas and a black-diamond rated rump.
Courtney Love: for sneaking into graveyards at night, digging up the dead and wrapping her body in their tattered, yellowing shrouds. 
Mary-Kate Olsen: for making it to [...]

Ah, how we never tire of discussing celebrity weight gain, loving to hate on
the too fat or too skinny. Officially on newsstands today we learn how Oprah
has gained 40 pounds and feels like “a big fat cow”. I know, sooo sad,
right? While some bloggers say her eating is analogous to the reckless
spending of Americans in [...]

Oprah has been front and center in Obama’s rise to The White House. Today, unleashes a follow up Obama victory song. Not to be missed. Elated about her pals victory, Oprah told members of her studio audience the other day she’s sure Obama will be able to fix the country’s sour [...]


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