Shania’s breakup several months ago to cheating hubby/producer Mutt Lange inspired her to write dozens of new songs.  Now, she seems ready for a complete makeover.  She told a friend on the weekend she intends to come back with a completely new look.  Shania has
been working out five days a week and is determined to [...]

According to a close friend of Shania, the country superstar had been miserable for eons cause of the way her cheating hubby Mutt Lange kept a tight surveillance upon her every move. The friend said Lange was overly possessive, worried that the stunning Shania would be swept off her feet by a younger, good [...]

After finding out about her husband’s infidelity, Shania sank into a deep depression. Never before had she felt so abandoned. It was an impossible load for her. The strain was unendurable. She immediately sought counseling – spiritual counseling – and dug deep within her inner self. For years, Shania had [...]

For what it helps to explain, it’s important to explain some sort of partial suffocation during the final months of Shania Twain’s marriage to Robert John Mutt Lange. Shania may have tried too vigorously to save her turbulent marriage until she caught Mutt underneath the sheets with his secretary Marie Ann Thiebaud. Shania, [...]

A two month investigation into what really happened to music superstar Shania Twain and cheating producer/hubby Mutt Lange will be revealed in a special three part series on The stories will cover what went wrong in Shania’s marriage, how so many undesirables around her tried unsuccessfully to ruin her career, and how Shania [...]

IUC has learned the world’s top music promoter Michael Cole is trying to get the world’s top country music female star Shania Twain to sign on the dotted line to do a full blown world tour. Cole has joined a long line of other world class promoters

trying to talk Shania into rocking the [...]

Shania Twain’s days as a housewife descended into a long afternoon pall . Now, she is triumphed and crushed. Get ready for a huge makelift of the world’s hottest female country star. Rumours have been floating she’s dating Toronto Maple Leaf


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