- Today kicks off IUC’s Michelle Obama week.  First off, I must put the question out to everyone – is Michelle Cinderella or Catwoman?  Is she really the new Jackie-O, the icon many fashion magazines have compared her to.  Is Michelle the real deal?  And how deep is Michelle in influencing her hubby Barry-O’s decision [...]

R-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-y!…who cares…just the thing for someone like Hillary to hear…Slick Willie gets jungle fever…smiling and understanding…insight came to him…merry man loves women with exotic features…not a put on…just ask Candy Davis Jr., the Bronx showgirl who claims slick Willie gave her the big thigh five…protector and impromptu…nightime, same spot…whiskers and a sour black frock…winking and [...]

Never did we think we’d see the day…where popular culture would truly unite with political culture but yesterday, Praise the Lord, things changed.
Today, I sit in the United States of America and ponder not the ways in which the country has struggled its way from slavery to absolute freedom but rather, I think about the [...]

They danced, romanced and dazzled last night at all the inauguration balls.  New President Obama told close friends months ago he planned on having a memorable first night in the White House.  The way he danced with Michelle last night, it would be surprising if the Obamas did not continue shake, rattling and rolling till the [...]

Enjoy the discomfiture of Celeb culture in ‘09.  IUC predicts a wild, wacky year in Hollywood, massive disruptions all to the tuneless flute of a lingering virus and slight mayhem.  Once again, weakness and void is highly employable in Tinseltown.  Here’s the forecast:
- J-Lo and Marc Anthony will split by June 1. 
- Angelina Jolie will [...]

Andrew Morton is like a baby everyone loves – but how wise are the tunneled views of his own hindsight?  He’s valiant and knows enough to be modest where the subject is so indifferent.  His taste is usually instinctive, but lately he’s been a tad rusty.  First, the New York Times No.1 bestselling author pitches [...]

Michelle Obama receives a Bust

Posted on September 23rd, 2008 by HisHighness in IUC:Fashion, IUC:Politics

American artist Daniel Edwards (no relation to that wife cheating, Hugh Hefner wannabe John) has sculpted the likes of Fidel Castro and Britney Spears giving birth. Now, he turns his clay on First Lady hopeful Michelle Obama, exposed breasts and all. Do you like it? Please let IUC know. Post your [...]


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