Last summer, just weeks after I revealed in my book Unmasked that Michael Jackson had gay lovers, Jason Pfeiffer came out and gave details of his affair with The King Of Pop the last couple years of his life. Now, Pfeiffer reveals all to Extra in a shocking exclusive interview. As I’ve repeatedly [...]

This letter from Tabitha Williams is a must read, especially to all the MJ fans who have repeatedly tried to discredit my book, most without ever reading a paragraph from it. Please read this:
Good afternoon, Ian. This is going to be a long one.
I listened to the audiobook of Unmasked: The Final [...]

I predicted this months ago in several media outlets. Now. Dr. Murray has finally been charged. Do you think his not guilty plea will stand up? (TMZ)

I have said all along that illegal stuff was going on for years. Check out this article. (Popeater)

Need I say more (READ THIS) 
Ever since I revealed my conversations with two of Michael Jackson’s
lovers in my book, Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, a
portion of MJ fandom has gone ballistic with the news that their icon
was homosexually inclined. They have been attacking me nonstop online
and calling for a worldwide boycott of my [...]

It’s been a  crazy few weeks and I know I’ve been neglecting my site. But I really appreciate my IUC readers sticking with me through the whirlwind. Thanks in part to your loyalty and your outings to the bookstore to get my  new book, I have learned that Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson [...]

My sources inside the Jackson camp say there is non stop feuding going on about the will, the estate, the children and the burial site.  Michael’s mom wants Michael to rest in peace somewhere like Princess Di, where his resting place won’t become a public shrine.  Joe Jackson wouldn’t mind putting Michael on permanent display at Neverland.  Read [...]


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