Dr. Murray was motivated by one word, and one word only CASH!!!!! Check out my interview today with journalist scoop champ Dylan Howard on (Radar)

I hope Murray rots behind bars. As I said in my book and film, The King of Pop would still be alive today if it was not for the vultures around him. MJ’s final days is all documented in the film I directed, please watch it here (Gone Too Soon)
To hear the groggy [...]

The man who was a vital cog in Michael Jackson’s career sadly passed away. I met Frank, a business music marketing genius who participated in my film Gone Too Soon. Nobody spoke more from the hip about Michael than Frank. RIP Frank Dileo – nobody will ever replace you!!!!!

Finally, the film I directed about Michael Jackson’s final years, Gone Too Soon, is now available for digital download. For more info on the film check out Larry King
To download the film CLICK HERE
- The Today Show interviewed me for an Arnold piece running this morning most likely in the first half hour of [...]

In my upcoming film, Gone Too Soon, MJ’s spiritual advisor claims The King of Pop did not have a high pitched voice. (NY Post)

TV Guide Network airs my new film June 25 @ 9pm. Not to be missed. Check out the promo (youtube)

Michael Jackson’s long time doctor, Arnold Klein, has confirmed the claim by his former assistant, Jason Pfeiffer, that Pfeiffer and the singer were lovers. On the syndicated TV show, EXTRA, yesterday, Jason Pfeiffer claimed that he and Michael were lovers for more than a year until the singer’s 2009 death. Pfeiffer, who has already produced [...]


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