Lindsay Lohan caught a break today – (Read This)   But She ain’t off the hook with IUC.  I interviewed an ex lover of Lilo recently.  He refused to have his real name published in fear Lilo might sue.  here’s part of the interview:
IUC:  Did you sleep with Lilo?
“Tim” -  Most definitely, several times.
IUC:  Did she [...]

After last weekend’s vicious argument (Read This) with on/off Samantha Ronson, rumors are floating around that Lindsay Lohan might be checking back into rehab soon.  A close friend of the actress told IUC this morning, “she has severe emotional and psychological problems.  Lindsay is smoking, drinking and doing drugs again.  I hope she reaches out for [...]

Hands down, Lilo Lohan!!!  I talked to at least three people who have been kissed (two women, one man) by this Hollywood anarchist – and they all said they’ve never been kissed like that before.  Congrats Lilo, here’s to tons more kisses for ya in ‘09.

Lindsay has reportedly dumped Sam

A friend of the party crazed, enigmatic actress has revealed to IUC that Lindsay has been dating an older man for at least three months, all behind girlfriend Sam Ronson’s back.  “Lindsay’s been bored stiff with Sam for months,” the L.A. friend told IUC.  “She’s been hitting the sack with an [...]

- Kenny Chesney “flirts” with Shania at CMA Awards (AHN)
- Lindsay insists she’s no dyke (SIFY)
- IUC told you so, looks like Paula Abdul will leave American Idol (MSNBC)
- Amy Winehouse’s drug dealer gets nabbed (TMZ)
- Brad Pitt pissed about Jen’s comments in Vogue (Glosslip)
- Rod Stewart, who is the subject of an upcoming IUC [...]

- A lot of Yids were worried about Barack’s position toward Israel. Seems he has tons of friends who are Yids, including his new Chief of Staff – IUC predicts he’ll be the President to finally resolve the MidEast crisis.
- The London escort who opened up to IUC about her high profile clients will [...]

They must have been high and experienced the unity. In the dirty flesh, Sam and Lindsay had an incredible Mexican entry into an orgasmic moment when Sam got down on one knee and popped the question.
She might have paid Perez Hilton some 87k in legal fees cause of her failed lawsuit, but it certainly [...]


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