It was well documented in my book Hollywood Undercover and my film His Highness Hollywood. Now, another author has come out with similar revelations. (Showbizspy)

I feel sorry for John, who is known to be a first class guy. He seems to be plagued by bad karma. I think a break from Scientology at this point could not do him bad. RIP John’s Dogs! (MSN)

Many bloggers like Dawn Olsen (Glosslip), Gawker and Jossip have in the past uncovered the facts on L. Ron’s pseudo religion.  Now, Richard Price unleashes a blockbuster in one of the world’s leading mainstream papers.  Check it out (Daily Mail)

Each time a celebs son dies in the Bahamas it shows off to the world how inept and corrupt the police force is on that tiny, hide your cash resort island.  First, when Anna Nicole Smith’s son Daniel passed away more than two years ago, there were more conflicting reports how he died than there [...]

I’ve had my run ins with John Travolta after I wrote my expose about Scientology, which inlcluded a lot of his strange forays in the Church.  But today I must send him peace, love and light.  Jett Travolta, 16,  battled autism his whole life and died of a seizure, possibly hitting his head on a [...]

Michael Pattinson joined The Church of Scientology around the same time as John Travolta some 25 years ago. Scientology, he says, offered him a cure for his homosexuality. Pattinson, who claims Travolta’s longtime ex male lover Paul Barresi gave him intimate details, says unwaveringly how homophobic Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard [...]

The world’s leading authority on the Church of Scientology, long-time Church critic Arnie Lerma, believes that yesterday’s 8-hour blackout of my site, following an explosive expose of new Scientologist Will Smith, was very likely the result of sabotage by the COS.
Lerma, a one-time fiancee of L. Ron Hubbard’s daughter, Suzette, runs the respected Scientology watchdog [...]


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