It’s all over for Mr. McCain and his no brain piece of meat from Alaska, Madame S. Palin. IUC predicts Obama wins by huge majority. Who do you think will win? let us know.

IUC wants your take on the 1st debate. Please post your comments and thoughts, and most of all let us know who you think won.

IUC Friday: Pix of The Week

Posted on September 26th, 2008 by HisHighness in IUC:Bits

Film of The Week: Spike Lee’s war epic Miracle at St. Anna should do well at the box office.
Book of The Week: Since we’re on the war theme, check out best selling author Max Wallace’s The American Axis which is about how major U.S. corporations and political figures supported Nazi Germany. This [...]

Newsflash: In response to IUC’s exclusive revelation that Condoleeza Rice was Senator McCain’s first choice for VP before rumors about her sexuality derailed her candidacy, several media outlets are reporting that GOP strategist Dan Senor revealed to ABC’s This Week that Rice had been “actively campaigning” for the post a few months ago. [...]

John McCain’s historic choice of Sarah Palin as the first ever female Republican Vice Presidential nominee has generated no end of excitement and controversy around the country. But has learned that Palin was not in fact the first female on McCain’s VP shortlist.
According to a prominent member [...]

For the first time since the Kennedy administration an incoming U.S. President won’t have Fidel Castro to spar with. Its all part of a documentary I’m directing to be released next year. A former Castro close friend and Cuban official now living in Canada confides to IUC how Cuba’s dying President kept [...]


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