n a spasm of defensive panic, John Mayer lashed out at the Huffington Post and other sites for claiming he reunited with Aniston. (Read This) IUC stands by its story that Aniston is dating a mystery man from Germany. “I don’t know how you found out but you’re right on the money,” [...]

This punk stole all his riffs from great African American guitarists like Jimi, Muddy and Buddy. And what does he do, he turns around and uses the N word in Playboy. Funny, I’ve been to Hugh’s crib and the darkest thing there was yours truly. Noone with a tan darker than mine. [...]

John Mayer’s ignorant – he couldn’t make Jennifer Aniston orgasm and he’s the most pretentious musician on the planet.  His music sucks – no edge, nothing original, everything lifted from greats of years gone by.  Maybe he’ll punch me in the face for saying this but he’s a moron, loser and in the closet homo.  [...]

What oh what did the stars get up to over the holidays? Well, thankfully, to
the delight of John Mayer fans everywhere, big Johnny took time out of his busy strumming schedule to hold a gleeful interfaith cake baking competition on his blog. The grand prize: two JM Stratocasters. You see, while some may think of [...]



Ever wonder how Gwyneth’s living life these days? Nope, me neither. Except that for purportedly profound reasons she has decided to go ahead and share her deep thoughts with us all in her oh-so-earnest blog: GOOP. Yes, GOOP. Gywns’ overcompensation 4 overcoming post-partum. Only in Hollywood is thirty-six-old enough to impart a life’s worth of [...]

To many a sexy style-seeker’s chagrin, ladies’ fashion these days has ventured into no-man’s land, literally. Women (skinny women!) march about the streets donning billowy frocks that look as if they’ve been filched from poo-eater Divine’s closet or mistakenly borrowed from an older, fetus-toting friend. While their male compatriots sport lines so effeminately [...]

A mutual friend of these failed at men stars has revealed to IUC that she wants to hook them up – romantically. “They’re both miserable cause of all their heartbreak,” the friend said. “In fact it seems both Jennifer and Nicole now hate men. They don’t want to get burned again.”
Both of [...]


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