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Posted on September 3rd, 2010 by HisHighness in IUC:Bits, IUC:Entertainment

- Will Kat and Jesse last? (M&G)
- Brad and Megan top fantasy list (CB)
- George Clooney tired of getting sauced (showbizspy)
- Brad worried about Rob and Angie teaming up? (EB)
- Hayden Panettiere turns 21, check out her her spread in Prestig (Fun47)
IUC Blind Followup: The A-Lister Actress in a NYC hotel [...]

A peace deal between Sandra Bullock and Jesse James was brokered after three gruelling weeks of negotiations by lawyers on both sides, a source close to the couple revealed to IUC yesterday. The key component of the deal was a verbal promise by Bullock to James to leave the door open to future reconciliation, [...]

Incedibly, many posters on other sites say yes. Let IUC know your take????

This just in. A Long Beach biker pal of Jesse James told IUC he’s worried about the health and well being of his friend. “I’m happy Jesse’s in rehab but the first thing he should do is to go get tested for HIV and other sexually tranmitted diseases he could have caught while [...]

Video tapes, pics were said to be some of the things confiscated in the raid of a photographer’s home who accused James of vandalizing his car. (Read More) Developing…

A source in Hollywood told IUC this afternoon that “dozens of dirty pics involving Jesse James” will surface shortly. “Some of the girls he cheated on Sandra with took cell phone pics,” the source told IUC. “Some might have videos. His camp has been doing an incredible job so far of damage [...]

It took three weeks to speak up but Sandra has finally issued a statement. She denies a sex tape exists. (People) My sources stand by their story and so does the respected website Radar, which today revealed that at least a dozen sex tapes exist. (Radar) Being the son of [...]


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