IUC had an exclusive interview today with another Hollywood actress who said she was involved with Toothy Tile.  This one, however, admitted she slept with Toothy Tile several times over the past three years.  The actress, who gave us the interview on condition of preserving her anonymity, said Toothy (Jake Gyllenhaal) had sex with her [...]

My regular readers have noticed that since the passage of the vile hate legislation, Proposition 8, in November, I have been outing prominent figures more often than Angelina Jolie adopts babies (speaking of Angelina, she may be a phony, but at least she had the courage to publicly reveal her bisexuality).
My decision to out people [...]

A Hollywood actress who dated actor Jake Gyllenhaal a few years ago revealed several interesting details to IUC about their relationship.  For the sake of her not being blacklisted by studio execs in Hollywood, we’ll refer to her as “Penny”.  Penny told IUC today she stopped dating Gyllenhaal cause he was either “asexual or gay”.  [...]

Instead of making everyone wait till noon, I decided to post this now cause I couldn’t hold it in any longer. During the past week, I’ve used some of my longtime contacts in the publishing business to find out if the rumors I was hearing from a publishing business friend of mine about a supposed upcoming book about Toothy [...]

Even though IUC outed Jake Gyllenhaal yesterday, I’m reserving judgment on this new development until I see more proof.  IUC spoke to a prominent West Hollywood man today who claims he was “intimate” with “Toothy” going far as back as 2004.  The man, in his mid forties, told IUC he has evidence and is planning to reveal [...]

I’ll reveal more very soon.  Hundreds of teenagers kill themselves every year because they are gay and tens of thousands more are suicidally depressed because they are afraid to come out, which disgusts me. If people knew that people like Jake Gyllenhaal, their role models (actors, athletes, politicians) were gay, it would do a lot [...]

In case you hadn’t noticed, I removed the photo of Jake Gyllenhaal today from my list, featuring a photo of one celeb who is not gay.
Does this mean that I’m outing Jake? Is the Pope German?
The worst kept secret in Hollywood is that for almost four years,
Gyllenhaal has been anxious to break out of the celluloid [...]


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