Had an amazing time yesterday speaking to packed audiences at Lauren Hill (formerly Sir Winston) and Gardenview School. Special thanks to the incomparable, amazing and dynamic team of EMSB P.R. Chief Mike Cohen and Stuart Nulman for putting it all together. The students asked questions that were better than some of the top [...]

- Stephen Dohnberg forwarded me this about Palin being pranked (DigitalJournal)
- I’ve always been a huge fan of Richard Burnett’s Three Dollar Bill. This week, he followed up on our Condi Rice story (Hour.ca)
- Sex and the Synagogue, Charlotte’s Jewish husband bares all (Post Dispatch)
- Wall Street’s unemployed now serving cocktails (Boston Globe)
- Susan [...]

- I’m on ETalk (CTV) tonight being interviewed about my undercover film and latest news in Hollywood.
- Tres Hanley Millman’s voice is affectionate and profoundly personal. I get chills up my spine when I hear this ethereal, mega talented woman sing. Buy her highly acclaimed Broadway album at CD Baby.com
- For anyone seeking [...]

One of the most memorable things Britney told me when I followed her around posing as an undercover paparazzo was how she wanted to settle down with a Jew. “I love Jewish people,” she said. “Their history is so rich. And I find Jewish men to be so sexy.” Guess I’ll [...]

IUC Newsflash

Posted on October 27th, 2008 by HisHighness in Uncategorized

I’ll be appearing on the John Oakley Radio Show 9:30 est this morning. Please tune in online here.

The world’s leading authority on the Church of Scientology, long-time Church critic Arnie Lerma, believes that yesterday’s 8-hour blackout of my site, following an explosive expose of new Scientologist Will Smith, was very likely the result of sabotage by the COS.
Lerma, a one-time fiancee of L. Ron Hubbard’s daughter, Suzette, runs the respected Scientology watchdog [...]

Wow, this is too cool. One of the most respected sites in NYC, Jossip.com, wrote an article today about my new film His Highness Hollywood. CHECK IT OUT
To buy the film with a special free shipping offer click here Superdupa.com


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