Michael Pattinson joined The Church of Scientology around the same time as John Travolta some 25 years ago. Scientology, he says, offered him a cure for his homosexuality. Pattinson, who claims Travolta’s longtime ex male lover Paul Barresi gave him intimate details, says unwaveringly how homophobic Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard [...]

- A lot of Yids were worried about Barack’s position toward Israel. Seems he has tons of friends who are Yids, including his new Chief of Staff – IUC predicts he’ll be the President to finally resolve the MidEast crisis.
- The London escort who opened up to IUC about her high profile clients will [...]

Let’s Make Lemons out Lemonade
We missed you yesterday during our mysterious blackout. To try and make it up to you, here is a coupon to purchase His Highness Hollywood for $14.99 (free S+H in US and Canada). Normally its 19.99. Hey, buy 2 and get your Christmas Shopping done early (its a pretty cheap gift [...]

Wow, this is too cool. One of the most respected sites in NYC, Jossip.com, wrote an article today about my new film His Highness Hollywood. CHECK IT OUT
To buy the film with a special free shipping offer click here Superdupa.com

- Had a very successful film premiere in Vegas. Special thanks to Sean, Dawn, Eric and everyone at BlogWorldExpo. I was extremely impressed by the diverse selection of bloggers who attended. Blogosphere is ready to explode! Click here to view the trailer and to get info on how to buy the [...]

We’re here for the DVD release of my much hyped film about how I posed undercover as a gay actor, infiltrating Hollywood and The Church of Scientology. It’s one of the highlights of the 2008 BlogWorldExpo Convention. The film is filled with appearances by A-List stars, including Bill Paxton, Brad Pitt, Sigourney Weaver, [...]

The Queen of bloggers Dawn Olsen got the exclusive on my new film. So you better go there now to find out what’s about to go down in Vegas next week. WWW.GLOSSLIP.COM


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