Had a great time last night – especially the jam with an amazing band.  For more read the post by my favorite Montreal blogger (Read This)

- Today kicks off IUC’s Michelle Obama week.  First off, I must put the question out to everyone – is Michelle Cinderella or Catwoman?  Is she really the new Jackie-O, the icon many fashion magazines have compared her to.  Is Michelle the real deal?  And how deep is Michelle in influencing her hubby Barry-O’s decision [...]

My new book about the most fascinating person in showbiz, Cirque du Soleil creator Guy Laliberte, is featured in Page 6 today.  (Check it out)

An ex lover of gold-digger Rizia Moreira told IUC today “when I found out what she was really about I ran for my life.”  He says Moreira was solely interested in money and her obsession with Cirque Du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte.  “She was obsessed with getting back at Guy and getting all his money.  [...]

The Heather Mills of Quebec, Rizia Moreira, has told friends repeatedly the past few years how desperate she is to move out of Quebec once her court case against Cirque Du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte is over.  A few years back she was romantically involved with a notorious NYC nightclub owner and was planning to [...]

A close friend of Cirque du Soleil owner Guy Laliberte told IUC this morning that Laliberte is anxious to put the case with gold-digger Rizia Moreira behind him and for both of them to move forward with their lives so they can be “exemplary parents”.  The friend added Laliberte wants justice to take its course [...]

Several court observers who have been following the case of gold-digger Rizia Moreira vs. Guy Laliberte told IUC today that they expect a ruling by the judge very soon, overwhelmingly in favor of Laliberte.  “The judge does not seem impressed at all by Moreira’s case,” one observer said.  “In fact, the judge seemed disgusted at [...]


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