Cirque creator/billionaire Guy Laliberte issued a company wide letter a few days ago telling his employees that people are trying to bring him down and told them not to worry because he’s good at poker and he’s unbeatable, a Cirque employee leaked to IUC.  IUC was also contacted by a major U.S. TV investigative news show that [...]

Macleans, as long as anyone can remember is Canada’s largest and most respected magazine, called my new book “a stunning expose of the biggest show on earth and its billionaire founder”.  It’s all part of the current issues’ cover story.  Read Macleans’ online interview with me here. 
Yesterday, Cirque owner Guy Laliberte announced he intends to become [...]

My new book about the most fascinating person in showbiz, Cirque du Soleil creator Guy Laliberte, is featured in Page 6 today.  (Check it out)

- Attention Renée-Claude Ménard, Cirque du Soleil P.R. head honcho:  ianundercover is making an official media request to review Cirque’s new show Ovo which is now playing in Montreal’s Old Port.  I want to do a full review of the show this week – let me know if Thursday works.  Btw, before you review my [...]

One thing for sure – both parents in this ongoing court batttle are excellent parents.  Yesterday, a mutual friend of the ex couple told IUC what extraordinary jobs both Guy Laliberte and Rizia Moreira have done parenting.  “With all Guy’s money and resources you’d think the kids would be spoiled by now,” the friend said. [...]

An ex lover of gold-digger Rizia Moreira told IUC today “when I found out what she was really about I ran for my life.”  He says Moreira was solely interested in money and her obsession with Cirque Du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte.  “She was obsessed with getting back at Guy and getting all his money.  [...]

The Heather Mills of Quebec, Rizia Moreira, has told friends repeatedly the past few years how desperate she is to move out of Quebec once her court case against Cirque Du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte is over.  A few years back she was romantically involved with a notorious NYC nightclub owner and was planning to [...]


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