The same place where I filmed much of my undercover film His Highness Hollywood was rocked by a shooting spree yesterday.  Hope my flick ain’t pissing off folks enough to make them pull up at Scientology with guns.  (Dlist)
Check out this clip from the film of the instructor at Scientology hooking me up to their notorious Emeter
His Highness being [...]

The essence of sin was omnipresent when I got invited into the elegant and polite confines of the Church of Scientology’s Celebrity Center in Hollywood. I infiltrated Hollywood and COS by posing undercover as a gay actor who’s a member of the so called Israeli Royal Family. The Vice President gave me the [...]

Michael Pattinson joined The Church of Scientology around the same time as John Travolta some 25 years ago. Scientology, he says, offered him a cure for his homosexuality. Pattinson, who claims Travolta’s longtime ex male lover Paul Barresi gave him intimate details, says unwaveringly how homophobic Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard [...]

Just as The Church of Scientology attempts to lure troublesome pop star Amy Winehouse, another major star wants out. Katie Holmes has had enough of Tom Cruise’s inner circle of Scientologists to the point where she gave him an ultimatum to choose between her and the Church. Cruise begged wife Katie to reconsider [...]

Here’s more about Travolta from Michael Pattinson.

During research for my new movie His Highness Hollywood, I posed undercover as a gay actor to expose the homophobia of the Church of Scientology, among others. During my research, I spoke to a prominent Los Angeles artist named Michael Pattinson, who was a Scientologist for almost 25 years and filed a lawsuit in US [...]


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