Zac is Gay?

- There is something analogous in Zac Efron’s voice which points to his true personality (HollywoodGossip)
- One of the big revelations in my upcoming book about Britney Spears is that she’s bi.  Last night, as part of her comeback, she performed at a club called GAY in the U.K.  Brit has definitely had same [...]

In a follow up to our post a couple days ago about Britney Spears pissing off her music producer in studio, Broadway composer and top NYC session guitarist Laurent Medelgi added more fuel to the fire.
“I’m good friends with some of her producers and have heard first hand what kind of nightmare Britney is to [...]

If only Britney Spears could sing in studio the way she’s able to cash in on her All American smile she’d be much more pleasant to work with, according to one of her New York record producers. The shapelessness of her psyche during recording sessions transcends into a living recording hell. The incensed [...]

Underwear shopping is akin to stars like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Lindsay Lohan — there is a fine line between sexy and skanky, between dirty and ditch-pig, between fire and filth.
There is a fine line when shopping for underwear between sexy and skanky, between dirty and ditch-pig, between fire and filth. Unfortunately for the [...]

One of the most memorable things Britney told me when I followed her around posing as an undercover paparazzo was how she wanted to settle down with a Jew. “I love Jewish people,” she said. “Their history is so rich. And I find Jewish men to be so sexy.” Guess I’ll [...]

- My new film His Highness Hollywood reveals Marlon Brando and a string of other Hollywood A-Listers were gay. ContactMusic
- Check out this followup story about my Condi Rice VP snub story –
- McCain’s camp calls Obama terrorist – NY Times
- NYC’s Juliette Powell is making waves with her new internet tv [...]


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