This just in from my primary source in Camp Brangie.  Brad Pitt’s parents had a heart to heart with him the other day, telling him they support whatever he chooses to do as far as Angelina Jolie is concerned. But they voiced a lot of apprehension.  His mother Jane reminded him how sweet life used to be when [...]

Seems like Angelina Jolie has turned to old flame Billy Bob Thornton for comforting during her messup with Brad Pitt.  A colleague heard Thornton talking the other day over coffee as if he was planning on moving in with Angie once Brad moves out.  “If he won’t be good to Angie I will,” Thornton was [...]

- Kenny Chesney “flirts” with Shania at CMA Awards (AHN)
- Lindsay insists she’s no dyke (SIFY)
- IUC told you so, looks like Paula Abdul will leave American Idol (MSNBC)
- Amy Winehouse’s drug dealer gets nabbed (TMZ)
- Brad Pitt pissed about Jen’s comments in Vogue (Glosslip)
- Rod Stewart, who is the subject of an upcoming IUC [...]

This unique concept spins off ideas rich in profusion. It promises to be the first gay themed film complex in the world, according to the rich NYC real estate mogul behind it. “There’s going to be 9 theaters in a massive building on 8th Avenue all showing gay themed films,” the mogul revealed [...]

A truckload of Toronto’s hottest strippers, escorts and finest pharmaceuticals were dropped off Monday night at Toronto’s downtown Hyatt Hotel to entertain several A-List stars attending the Toronto International Film Festival. Organized by a local music promoter, forty five guests dropped down 10k each to drink the finest Krug and chowdown on lobster and [...]

A mutual friend of these failed at men stars has revealed to IUC that she wants to hook them up – romantically. “They’re both miserable cause of all their heartbreak,” the friend said. “In fact it seems both Jennifer and Nicole now hate men. They don’t want to get burned again.”
Both of [...]


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