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A lot here have said Brad has lost his golden boy looks. Many like Clooney. What about Humphrey, Rock and Steve M? Let us know who is the Hollywood hunk of all time?

Though we are indeed in the 21st century, there is still something to be said for Rock Hudson’s commitment to the closet. He wanted no femininity to slip through the cracks of his stalwart rough and tumble persona and he was not going to let his true sexual orientation put a pall on his public [...]

- People Magazine published this piece on Brad Pitt’s exemplary papa skills.  Funny how they didn’t do the same for Angie on Mummy Day.   (People)
- Don’t think Prince Harry will be sending his eccentric, queer friendly “dad” any wishes today.  A source close to his ex squeeze Chelsy Davy told IUC that Harry believes James Hewitt [...]

Sorry Sugar, don’t mean to rain on your parade but you tried to scoop me.   And I ain’t gonna make the good people wait for this one.  So, here it is:
IUC has learned former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson threatened to kill Hollywood A-list actor Brad Pitt several times for dating the love of his life, actress [...]

This just in from one of Jennifer Aniston’s closest friends.  “She misses Brad,” the source said.  “She has said several times in the past few weeks how they should have never split.  She doesn’t point the full blame at Brad.  She told me it was both their faults.  She does not mince words when she [...]

When Britain’s Now Magazine reported in this week’s issue that
Angelina Jolie collapsed on the set of her new film, Salt, three
weeks ago, Team Brangie were quick to blame the stress of her new
liquid diet, which has caused her to lose an alarming amount of
weight in recent weeks.
Liquid diet? A few years ago, when I was [...]


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