OJ Gets Death Threats from Fellow Inmate – NY Post
Ashton and Shatner wear yellow to support “Bubble Boy” – Mirror
Kendall Jenner forget to wear clothes to Church – Hollywood Life
Brad’s hurricane homes rotting – Daily Mail
News Flash: Something New Coming Soon!!!!

- Suicide Bomber Kills Dozens at Nigeria School
China makes Tomorrow World’s Biggest Shopping Day
Did Dennis Rodman influence North Korea to release prisoners?
Angie And Mrs. Clooney at war?

A top source in the DNP told IUC Brad Pitt would have a good chance to lead the party in the future, if he was interested. “We love Brad,” the source told IUC. “He’s one of the most astute and politically aware actors we’ve seen in Hollywood in ages. The only other [...]

****Watch my interview on CTV eTalk last night (scroll to 3:30 on timeline to see entire segment Click Here*******
ALSO – I was quoted in USA Today Read This
*****Please Read my story about Arnold’s new book****** Click Here
Paperclips and a Subway coupon…Netflix zombies…amid the sounds and haste…flowing afterglow…chewing the cud…seeping after surgery…greatest conductors?…lube to go…like [...]

End of the bed bench…starring the bewley bunch…beatles area rug…stuck big time rush…zoolabo…are tarantulas poisonous…bison burrito revenge…sex is not the problem lust is…fooling the bladder cops…taking a physical count of inventory…whisky tango menu…Carmelo body fat…kissed like yanina wick!!!!!!

Clearly, there’s far more to this story. For some reason Brad got the shakes and backed down from what he spewed to Parade. Please, give us your thoughts (READ THIS)
- IUC Sunday Dining Picks: Red has a magnetic ability to serve up the best, making it Florida’s hottest beef palace. South [...]


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