Mazel Tov to the Clintons – daughter Chelsea will be lighting Shabbat candles this Friday night now that she’s getting some delightful circumcision. According to a source in NYC’s Democrat Head Office, Slick Willy still loves to bonk behind Hilary’s back. “I don’t know how they stay together,” the source said. [...]

Cool and trendy…deflation fears persist…digital sensation…skype erection…change of perspective…accumulates with winter air…search endures…faulty heart…fabulous drive…makes Letterman look like Lassie…where the wild things roam…buffoonish bloke…Hilary melodrama…death of a salesman…tiny amoebas…navigating old waters…Slick Willy style.
Te Amo,

A mystery Maryland woman contacted IUC, claiming she had an on/off affair with Bill Clinton for several years and says she plans to marry the married President. The former model/dancer who calls herself “Chaki” refused to provide IUC with proof when I asked her for corroboration. “If you don’t print it I’ll take [...]

What a blessing for Sex of State Hilary Clinton – she falls, breaks her elbow and get out of meeting Angie Jolie for a World Refugee Day event.  Last month at Cannes Film Festival Angie did not show up to an event attended by Bill Clinton after she got in a heated row with her [...]

R-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-y!…who cares…just the thing for someone like Hillary to hear…Slick Willie gets jungle fever…smiling and understanding…insight came to him…merry man loves women with exotic features…not a put on…just ask Candy Davis Jr., the Bronx showgirl who claims slick Willie gave her the big thigh five…protector and impromptu…nightime, same spot…whiskers and a sour black frock…winking and [...]

I know I have been outing a number of celebrities lately, and some of you may get the idea that I believe every prominent person in America is gay. (For the record, IUC’s definition of gay includes bisexuality as well as those who have dabbled in adventures with the same sex at some point).
But today [...]

A woman banking executive purporting to be Hilary Clinton’s ex female lover has come out.  She contacted IUC through a mutual friend in NYC.
Abysmally depressed for years cause she had not heard back from Hilary in years, “Kendra” spilled her guts out to IUC recently detailing what she described as an on/off  lesbian love affair with [...]


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