I urge you all to pick up a copy of Juliette Powell’s new book.  It’s getting amazing advanced reviews.  Also, check out her blog about Obama et al this historic week in Washington (Huffington Post) 

It was none other than President Obama who convinced Caroline Kennedy to seek Hilary Clinton’s senate seat.  Obama wanted to position Kennedy to succeed him as Commander In Chief in 2016.  “Barack and Caroline worked closely the past couple of years,” a source in the DNP told IUC.  “Barack wanted to position Caroline as the [...]

Never did we think we’d see the day…where popular culture would truly unite with political culture but yesterday, Praise the Lord, things changed.
Today, I sit in the United States of America and ponder not the ways in which the country has struggled its way from slavery to absolute freedom but rather, I think about the [...]

They danced, romanced and dazzled last night at all the inauguration balls.  New President Obama told close friends months ago he planned on having a memorable first night in the White House.  The way he danced with Michelle last night, it would be surprising if the Obamas did not continue shake, rattling and rolling till the [...]

Like many famous waiflike stars, Barack Obama uses cigs to keep him thin.  Lately, he’s been spotted lighting up, although he says he wants to quit.  Can the man who preaches “yes we can” kick this killer habit?  (More)

Long before the croc – a footwear atrocity responsible for smiting the erections of every shoe fetishist under the sun – there was the clog – a shoe that in the 70’s made all men avant-garde and all women Swedish. Nowadays if a dude wants to seem experimental in his fashion choices, he goes [...]

The greatest virtue of going undercover also becomes its professional shortcoming. Often, its more difficult to do meretricious roles since one cannot be possessed by a role which does not have much inner life – as was the case in the undercover prank I carried out in Wasilla, Alaska.
In the first of a series [...]


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