A close friend of the actress told IUC that Angie wants to have “at least four more kids”. With such a jam packed schedule making movies, does Angie really have time to look after 10 kids? Let us know…

Contrary to reports that Lada Gaga got a new tatoo in honor of her fans, IUC has learned that Gaga’s new imprint is a tribute to the love of her life, Angie Jolie. “Angie inspired her to get a tatoo,” a musician in Gaga’s band told IUC. “Gaga and Angie are soulmates. [...]

Angie loves stealing men who are attached. Now, if you believe the tell all bible of all time Star Magazine, Angie has been horsin and dosin Johnny Depp with red wine and lots of charm. Will she be successful? What has Gaga got to say about it all? (Star)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say something that might not be comforting to those of us whose mothers have convinced us that we’re beautiful even though, well, we’re not. Our eyelashes are short, we have stringy unkempt hair, our lips are shriveled and thin and we only wish our [...]

Angie has told friends she’s convinced she can become the first female president in the U.S.  A source told IUC Jolie recently admitted how bored she is of Hollywood and said she has her sights set on Washington.  The A-list actor also recently told friends repeatedly how hot she thinks Barry Obama is.  “Angie thinks [...]

Barbaric…shocked and engraged…Greek Style…charmed and somewhat seduced in 1989…lets spend the night together…Mick stormed into his hotel room…natural habitat…gone was his life’s triumphant possession…a young actress who was married…with better lips than this Rolling Stoned…his utter fiefdom…his lone exorcism…ascetic world…constant persecution…satisfaction…street fighting MAngie…bucolic peace…might be implicated…isolated and quarantined…just like in Moliere…absorbed and faraway…Mick pops Angie’s [...]


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