Two journalists who dot the pages of newspapers with a conscience and demonstrate an ethic of active compassion are Sweden’s Anna Benson and Montreal’s Mike Cohen. Amongst many other acts of devotion, Anna is a former world class ping pong player and recently had a vernissage in Miami with fellow Swede Jonas Hedqvist. [...]

Angie loves self-aggrandizement and publicity stunts. This one takes the cake! (Read This)

Don’t you think it’s time Angie adds some pounds on her emaciated frame? Those super veiny arms look a tad suspicious. (Read this)

Still bitter over being shunned by Woody Allen for Scarlett Johansson, Angelina is determined to show Allan Stewart Konigsberg that she’s equally as talented as him. Angelina is set to write, direct and produce a new epic romance set during the Bosnian war. Will it be a success? let us know. [...]

Untrusted application launcher…singing the blues like Marty Robbins…buttnumbathon…butt naked near death….like Michaelangelo Antonioni…guresome twosome tour…often three…and four…and five…duped torrents…gory anime..ghetto talkswitch…boring and jacking…sources of calcium…gone baby gone…Brad’s bibme…his scanty urination…all over France…all over new tome gone sour…where’s the beef???…Did you bang the babysitter when she was blind and shutter…And you got nothing to lose…And you’re [...]

I revealed the exact same thing. I didn’t, however, focus on Ethan Hawke. That was one of the nuggets I left out for legal reasons. I have learned Morton read my book cover to cover several times. I hope he has another #1 bestseller. Morton is a good bloke, even [...]

A source who has known the actress for years says the controversial actress has fought depression for years and might have a mystery illness. “I think there’s something wrong with her,” the source said. “She gets tired easily and emotionally is usually up and down. I hope and pray she gets the [...]


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