t’s quite the cycle and I hope media outlets wake up and take quick note of this. A blatant example of unreasoned, borderline unlawful and disgusting censorship is being put on a couple of distinguished colleagues of mine. First TV stations huddled together to boycott Kitty Kelley’s expose on Oprah Winfrey. Now, [...]

Untrusted application launcher…singing the blues like Marty Robbins…buttnumbathon…butt naked near death….like Michaelangelo Antonioni…guresome twosome tour…often three…and four…and five…duped torrents…gory anime..ghetto talkswitch…boring and jacking…sources of calcium…gone baby gone…Brad’s bibme…his scanty urination…all over France…all over new tome gone sour…where’s the beef???…Did you bang the babysitter when she was blind and shutter…And you got nothing to lose…And you’re [...]

Morton is a dude I respect. A couple years back I racked brains with him in NYC, attempting to launch a website together. It never panned out. But I must wonder why he’s portraying Angie as a saint? A source tells IUC “there will be a few shocking details but most [...]

Just wanna be clear. I have utmost respect and admiration for Andrew Morton, the famous British author who is penning an Angie bio for winter 2010. Morton is one of the best ever in the book biz. I urge all my readers and friends to give both books a read. In fact, my Morton sources [...]

Andrew Morton is like a baby everyone loves – but how wise are the tunneled views of his own hindsight?  He’s valiant and knows enough to be modest where the subject is so indifferent.  His taste is usually instinctive, but lately he’s been a tad rusty.  First, the New York Times No.1 bestselling author pitches [...]

Hollywood Undercover just came out in several Spanish countries.  This review  came out today in Mexico.  Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a series of interviews for the film based on the book, His Highness Hollywood.  And here’s a pic of the just released paperback, featuring an added chapter on my escapades in NYC last year with [...]

- Protesters come out for Katie’s Broadway Debut http://www.contactmusic.com
- Tom Cruise biographer Andrew Morton showed up for Katie’s Broadway Debut. Wonder if he went out for dinner with them after the show. http://www.contactmusic.com
- Gwen Stefani named top celebrity designer http://entertainment.oneindia.in
- U.K. Judge hits out


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