Today is a great day for justice in the sporting world. Sports Illustrated outed Yankees enigma Alex Rodriguez as a cheat, having tested positive for steroids in 2003.  Now, Rodriguez who will break Barry Bonds’ Juiced up home run record in a few years will join Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mark McGuire in the growing list [...]

-Rod, who’s been bonking Madonna for months in an orgy of publicity, is preparing for his nuptials with the Material Girl by sampling the best Jewish food NYC has to offer. He’s taken up Madge’s Kaballah faith, praying every day and going to NYC’s top Kosher eateries. Recently, he was seeing downing gefilte [...]

Madonna is the willing and unwitting leader of pop culture. Now, in the spirit of her notorious mischief, she will finalize her divorce with Guy Ritchie this Friday in London High Court. And anyone who thinks A-Rod is an insignificant presence better take a pill. As previously reported on IUC, the couple [...]

A high end Manhattan escort has revealed to IUC she’s had sex with Alex Rodriguez several times the past few months. And she plans to write a tell all book. “He brags about how he’s banging Madonna all the time,” she said. “But he has at least 10 women on the side. [...]

A top NYC model has revealed to IUC how big a player A-Rod actually is. “I know him very well and let me tell you he’s the most well hung man I’ve ever been with,” she said. “If Madonna thinks she has exclusive rights to him she’s out to lunch. He cheats [...]

As stated the past several months, IUC has a powerful source in Madonna’s camp. Today, after speaking to our source we learned that Madonna had been miserable

I’ve been telling ya all for the past couple of months how they’ve been having an affair. Now, it’s all confirmed. Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie is finito. Soon, her and A-Rod will come out and announce how they’ve suddenly found love, never cheated while married (yeah right!), and plan to spend [...]


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