IUC Spotlight: Rumor mill has it that Brad and Ange live apart most of the time. One of my Hollywood reporter friends who has covered the duo for years recently told me, “they either have some sort of arrangement or they need their space. The love is nowhere near intense as it [...]

Crystal Ball…lark voorhies…grid addon…smelling ammonia after workout…listing things after a colon…butter to coconut oil conversion…same ol two step zydeco…frogs boiling water…chasing a rumor mabinogi…frying thermometer…zero hedge then and now!!!!
Yours truly mentioned in Saturday’s Miami Herald – Miami Herald
Do you think Bruce Jenner was texting when the tragic car accident occurred? NY Daily News
IUC Travel: [...]

- Difference between Hollywood Christmas and real world
- Beyonce Christmas Cleavage
- Angie earns but is she Unbroken
IUC Travel: Who needs the beach? Hotel Kempinski in Sofia creates the perfect urban oasis, including a spectacular pool, health club and several mouth watering restaurants. No detail is spared at this eye popping gem smack [...]

Turkey and a straw…wanting a flat stomach…gobble, gobble…yaphet kotto…sam’s thermal tote…will the circle be unbroken…fornicator in tagalog…sax and the His Highness city…amoeba proteus…likely lads in harm’s way…falling out of the bed while sleeping…stars and the ice bucket challenge…throttle slowly!!!!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!!!!!!

- Former Disney Exec Dishes all in new tome
Rhianna’s Stalker
Angie Doles Out Huge Cash for Brad’s Wedding Gift
IUC Travel: Extreme comfort and a little old fashioned appeal make traveling by Eurail the most desirable way to see Europe. I have traveled to Europe countless times the past decade to promote my books and [...]

Stories making waves today:
Angie for Senate?
Where’s Jen’s ring?
Who’s Chris Martin really dating?
Is Obama cheating on First Lady?
IUC Travel: As I made my way around Finland via Eurail, I realized how much I don’t miss congested and germ ridden airports. Traveling by Eurail is a breath of fresh air. What I found most [...]


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