- A-Rod looked a bit intense when I worked out next to him yesterday at David Barton Gym. His personal trainer riding the cardio bike next to us looked more like a hitman than anything else. A woman at the gym came up to me later and told me she once slept with [...]

- My sources insist Kate Hudson is prego courtesy of A-Rod.  Lets wait and see.
- Ex A-Rod bed partner Madonna brought Jesus to the holy land recently.  A person close to the couple says he overheard Jesus brag to friends on the phone how much sex he’s been having with Madge.  Not bad for a [...]

If you think you’ve heard it all the past few weeks with leaks from Selana Roberts’ upcoming bio of Yankees’ slugger A-Rod you better take a deep breath.  In a six month investigation IUC has learned Alex Rodriguez has bet on professional sports for years, including major league baseball.  This according to a Las Vegas [...]

With all the focus on Chris Brown and Rihanna this week one superstar is breathing a sigh of relief – Madonna.  A source close to Madge told IUC yesterday that the Material Girl and her former juiced up, toy boy A-Rod got into a shouting match a couple of weeks ago that ended in fistacuffs.  [...]

Enjoy the discomfiture of Celeb culture in ‘09.  IUC predicts a wild, wacky year in Hollywood, massive disruptions all to the tuneless flute of a lingering virus and slight mayhem.  Once again, weakness and void is highly employable in Tinseltown.  Here’s the forecast:
- J-Lo and Marc Anthony will split by June 1. 
- Angelina Jolie will [...]

A few nights ago the inimitable Paul Froelich of Page Six was our special guest in the IUC chatroom.  Check out today’s Page Six story about Madonna getting all steamed up in Brazil – without toyboy A-Rod. 
Sources in her camp told IUC the Material Girl recently spent four hours naked in the sun and almost [...]

My latest source in Madonna’s camp is one of her staff members.  This just in how she overheard Madge on the phone with A-Rod a couple nights ago.  “You’re the sexiest and most delicious man I’ve ever known,” Madge told A-Rod, according to the staff member.  “I want to suck everything on you, your body, your [...]


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