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radisson blu berlin
IUC Travel Spot of The Month: Recently, I had the pleasure of staying at another Radisson Blu property that dazzles both inside and out. Radisson Blu Hotel Berlin is colorful, fun with an extremely friendly staff. Its rooms boast modern furniture, extremely comfortable beds and amazing views. Look too quickly, and you may think its breathtaking AquaDom, the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium which serves as a unique centerpiece in this stylish and ultra modern hotel, heads straight into the Mediterranean. Home to 427 rooms and suites with upscale amenities, Radisson’s Berlin location is smack in middle of the bustling, multicultural hub of one of Europe’s most exciting cities. Take breakfast in Restaurant Heat – its sprawling buffet is next to none. At night, Heat serves up the best beef, fish and ambiance one can dream of experiencing. Everything is first rate – no cutting corners. Heat is a must for dining experience for foodies and fans of culinary delights. The properties crowning jewel is its amazing spa and fitness center coupled with the best service I’ve seen at any hotel. The staff here will do whatever it takes to make your trip most enjoyable. Bravo Radisson Blu Berlin, can’t wait to go back!!!! IMG_5239

jackie_collins_194phkk-194phla Jackie Collins made a difference in the world. She leaves a lasting legacy. The sheer force of her writing, incredible stamina and infectious personality will be missed forever. She was renowned for her literary explorations of steamy Hollywood fiction long before 50 Shades came on the scene. Back in 2002, Jackie nominated my book Bad&Beautiful as book of the year in an article she penned for the Mail on Sunday. The most shocked person was myself. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine a person of Jackie’s stature and success would read one of my books, let alone nominate it for book of the year. I sent her flowers and kept in touch with her over the years. Without Jackie’s endorsement. I don’t think I would have lasted in this cutthroat biz. Jackie exuded grace and gravity. Jackie, there will never be another you. RIP!!!!!

IUC Travel: The new 1Hotel in South Beach looks incredible. After undergoing a 200 million buck renovation the place is once again hopping. On Saturday night I chowed down at Beachcraft, Tom Colicchio’s stunning, always fresh food seaside grill. Colin, one of the managers, was most gracious and accurate with his menu suggestions. Organic bubbly, fresh fish, a skirt steak that was next to none and incredible desert made this a true culinary experience. The side dish of corn was mouth watering. Next time you’re in South Beach this place is a must!

After Beechcraft I Ubered a few blocks south to the recently opened Fire&Ice, Miami’s impressive first Ice Vodka bar and breathtaking lounge that recently opened. The vibe at Fire&Ice was off the charts as bartenders mixed up killer cocktails to a very cool crowd. If you’re a barfly who craves watching mixologists perform their acrobatics behind the bar, this place is for you! Having been to several ice bars around the world, I have no doubt that this unique concept will be a roaring hit in Miami for many years to come. Fire&Ice is certainly at the top of the list of this season’s bar openings in South Beach.IMG_5119

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IUC Travel: One hotel to watch out for in 2016 is The Carillon Hotel&Spa, Unknown-1located in the heart of Miami Beach. Rumor has it that the hotels’ new managing director, renowned luxury hotelier Lester Scott (The Ritz-Carlton, Capella Hotel Group and Wyndham Luxury Collection), is redoing the spacious property top-to-bottom, with state of the art decor that will make Carillon a household destination spot for travelers looking for their dream spa getaway. This expansive property has many updates in the works, including a renovated spa, world class signature restaurant, and a gym with brand new equipment and decor. It’s out with the old and in with the new at this impressive property that looks like its headed to becoming a five star gem. Since Scott arrived in June, Carillon’s lobby already looks refined and refreshed. I will keep following Carillon’s progress in the coming months in the various media outlets I contribute to.

Hotel Meal of The Month: Recently, I spent time in Tel Aviv and was invited to Shabbat Dinner at the sprawling Dan Accadia Hotel in Herzliya. I have never seen such impressive tables of food, everything fresh and made with love. From fish to meat to veggie dishes, the dinner was something one can only dream of. I have never seen any dinner with such fine detail, service and top grade cuisine. Next time you visit Israel make sure you go for Shabbat to Dan Accadia. Ask for the amazing Yanko, he will make sure your night is one to be remembered. Yanko, like Dan Accadia, rocks!!!!

IUC Spotlight: Rumor mill has it that Brad and Ange live apart most of the time. One of my Hollywood reporter friends who has covered the duo for years recently told me, “they either have some sort of arrangement or they need their space. The love is nowhere near intense as it once was.”

Thanks to everyone for the incredible support for my new book. Bobbi Kristina will be missed. She was a great kid who unfortunately got into the wrong crowd. A big loss!!!


IUC Travel: Tel Aviv (Part I) I’ve been on the road all summer directing a new film due out in November. Along the way I stopped in Israel for a week. Tel Aviv is a city with gleaming cultural centers, revitalized architecture and a young, hopping crowd that continues to propel the ancient city forward. When it comes to hotels, Tel Aviv has become a world class force. The hotel I stayed at is the best boutique hotel I’ve ever checked into – and I’ve stayed at many. It packs more wow and more class than any other boutique hotel I can think of. Alma Hotel, located in the top location in the city center steps away from the bustling bars and cafes on Rothschild Boulevard, is an architectural gem that has emerged as the top spot to stay in the city center. Visitors can take in the elegant yet laid-back atmosphere that combines the friendliest staff and breakfast any traveler can dream of. Alma is a great alternative to the cramped hotel stretch on Tel Aviv Beach – it’s classy, quiet and only a 10-15 minute walk if you want beach. The immaculate building was designed in 1925 and redone as a boutique hotel in 2012 with 15 incredible suites and rooms. All the rooms are very well thought out with intense detail, classy, opulent with an artsy feel. I had a room with two balconies, extremely comfortable bed and a huge bathroom complete with bathtub in middle of the room. Alma’s incredible breakfast is as iconic as the hotel itself. By far, Alma serves the best breakfast in Tel Aviv. Alma is the place to stay if you crave something exceptional while visiting a city that rocks 24/7. Toda Alma!!!

IUC Blind: I was in L.A. a couple weeks ago and had the chance to interview a former publicist to an A-lister most people on this site are familiar with. The publicist revealed to me that the star she reps was recently admitted to a substance abuse center for abuse of prescription pills and depression. Can you guess who?

IUC Survey: What is the funniest film you saw this summer? Let us know which film and why? Look forward to your comments.

IUC Travel: Just discovered a hotel smack in the middle of London that provides the very best hospitality mixed with the most luxurious accommodations and the most attentive service I have seen anywhere in England. Radisson Blu Edwardian located on Bloomsbury Street a block from the British Museum is splendid, offering luxurious rooms and suites that are the finest and most reasonably priced in a city in which hotel rooms are normally tiny and sterile. Not at Radisson Blu Edwardian! In an atmosphere of class and calm, this architectural gem offers a rare preciousness and elegance that delight. The savoury cuisine of the Steak&Lobster restaurant is mouth watering and extremely price affordable. The lobster was out of this world and the caesar salad with salmon on top was a great starter. Great wine and ambiance made this a most enjoyable place to dine.
When you visit London this gem is the place I recommend you stay at. It offers guests a sophisticated combination of characteristic elegance and modern technology combined with extremely well decor rooms. A remarkable, elegant contemporary hotel with exquisite charm!


IUC Tuesday: An A-lister recently told his car dealer that he’s only into “leasing, not buying – wish I could turn back time and apply that theory to my wife”, he said. Can you guess who???

Update: To Watch My ET Interview click her Entertainment Tonight

The first reviews of my new book, The Deadly Price Of Fame (the tragic story of Whitney Houston and her beloved daughter Bobbi Kristina), have been published. I need all your support to make this book a success. I am eternally grateful!!!! Love you all!!!!

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