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IUC Travel – Hotel of The Month: Cartagena in Colombia Caribbean coast was ranked recently by Conde Nast as the best place to visit in 2016. The walled city is a historical gem, mixed with romanticism, culture and fine cuisine. The Hilton in Cartagena is one of the best Hiltons I have ever stayed at. It’s mixed with elegance and comfort. From the time you arrive on site, Hilton Cartagena is first class all the way, featuring a staff that caters to your every needs with a smile and attentiveness. The rooms are next to none. I had a stunning ocean view king room, very modern with an ambience that makes you feel like you’re in heaven. The Hilton’s outdoor pools and private beach are perhaps the main attraction. The pools are incredible, and you can order food or a cocktail in the main pool while taking a dip. The beach is pristine, extremely well kept and very private. Don’t forget to try the Hilton’s incredible breakfast buffet and dinner menu. Once you visit Hilton Cartagena the only regret you will have is when it’s time to leave. Paradise on the beach in a stunning city!!! 9257_308_z

Restaurant of The Month: Comfort food is a huge trend in NYC. From corn bread to southern style mac and cheese, Good Enough To East on NYC’s Upper West Side had made a stake in the city’s restaurant community. Plain and simple, this is home style comfort food with a bit of a southern twist. No stone is left unturned. It’s menu and and staff is most impressive. This place is for diners who crave that home cooked feel mixed with a jazzy feel. Good Enough To Eat does not disappoint. Make sure you bring a nice appetite because the portions are extremely generous. A pleasant contrast to the rest of NYC’s ultramodern resto concepts. Pleasant, affordable and fun!!!!goodenough

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IUC Restaurant of the month: Funky, fast and hip, AG Kitchen is a culinary gem in the heart of the bustling Upper West side in NYC. Patrons keep coming back because the food and ambience is exquisite. The burgers, guacamole, surf and turf and mouth watering deserts were next to none. Service was delightful. A must for anyone seeking a perfect experience dining out on a terrace on a beautiful NYC day.

Hotel of the Month: On my recent trip to Columbia I had two amazing experiences dining out. In Medellin, Hotel San Fernando Plaza is a knockout from first glance. The luxury hotel has extraordinary views of the city and pampers its guest with every amenity under the sun. It also has my favorite hotel manager in the world, Mr. Manuel Molina, who knows the hotel industry better than just about anyone and does everything it takes to make his guests have the best hospitality experience in the world. Hotel San Fernando Plaza Medellin has an amazing restaurant, pool and a spa. The top place to stay in the stunning city of eternal spring.hotel-san-fernando-plaza

- I watched the opening night of Season 12. Finally, KUWTK looks like quality tv. It had much better storyline and tension than previous seasons. After watching hundreds of episodes to research my book, my mind almost turned to mush. I guess the execs at E huddled and decided to up the ante to make the show more respectable. It worked. If the first show was a sign of things to come Season 12 should be the best – by far!!!
- My book Kardashian Dynasty has been receiving great reviews from the media. Read this LA Weekly

IUC Restaurant of the Month: If I had to make a bucket list of NYC’s must-try restaurants, Mamo – Italian with a French flare – easily makes the cut. This newbie dining delight craftily combines elegance with one mouth watering dish after another. Among the impressive dishes at Mamo are the mind-blowingly, orgasmic truffle ravioli and the truffle pizza. The cocktails are next to none and the deserts will make you salivate. The panacotta was one of the best deserts I’ve had in NYC. Mamo is a must for quality foodies. Thanks to the incomparable Norah Lawlor, one of NYC’s top publicists, for suggesting Mamo.mamo-nyc

If Donald wins, Melania would be the first presidential spouse since Louisa Adams, wife of John Quincy, to be born outside the United States. Mrs. Trump would also be the first for whom English is not a native language. Melania would be the only known first lady who once posed nude. In 2000 she took it all of for the British edition of GQ, on a bearskin rug on Trump’s private jet. Melania has been the target of many jabs by the media, often described as a gold digger, escort and porn star. The media have also accused Donald of cheating on Melania, including being with other women when Melania was preggo with their son Barron in 2006.
A NY media personality who is close to the Trumps tells IUC exclusively that the Slovenian beauty has told the flamboyant Donald several times “You’re Fired”, and has wanted to end the marriage. “They love each other but they also argue until they’re blue in the face,” the longtime NY TV host said. “They certainly have more issues than the average couple. Now that Donald seems to be a shoe in for the White House Melania will stick by him. But my sources who know her predict that after Donald’s term as President she will leave him and start a new life. She’s been miserable for a long time.”
Another source told IUC that if Donald fails to beat Hilary his marriage is all but over. melania2“Melania’s a very smart cookie,” the source said. “While Donald’s busy running around the country campaigning Melania is making plans in case her man doesn’t win. The only thing that is keeping them together is Donald’s quest for the White House. If he fails I think his marriage is all but over.”
Do you think Melania and Donald will last? Let us know.Unknown-1

Sources in the Republican Party told IUC today that a juicy political scandal about Donald Trump is about to erupt. Historically, we’ve seen political scandals involve sex, greed, cronyism, corruption and false information. The voters feel betrayed while late night talk show hosts have a field day. Is Trump above the law? Can a fresh scandal cripple his career. Previous scandals that Trump has faced over the years include:

1) Lying about his net worth. Financial experts suggest Donald’s fortune is much less than he says.
2) Accusations that Donald raped his ex wife Ivana in 1989.
3) A lawsuit claiming Trump University defrauded thousands of students out of millions of dollars.
4) Trump’s 1970 discrimination lawsuit where the Justice Department sued Trump for refusing to rent his rental units to minorities.
5) Trump’s ridiculous comments about Senator John McCain not being a war hero. “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” McCain is a known war hero. Trump’s comments sparked national outrage.
6) Trump’s failed marriages. He’s now on marriage number four, and not all seems too well in the Trump household. Several people close to Trump and his wife Melania, 24 years his junior, claim the marriage has been rocky and Melania has threatened to leave numerous times because of Donald’s narcissistic ways.
7) How Trump dated numerous bimbos after his failed marriage to Marla Maples. Stay Tuned!!!! images-1

IUC World Exclusive: A person once close to Republican Candidate Donald Trump told IUC that the former Apprentice host has “hidden treasures” all over the world. When asked to elaborate the former New Yorker who now resides in Palm Beach replied, “the world will find out sooner than later. I love Donald, he deserves to win the Republican leadership. I’m just afraid when all this comes out it might override his attempt to become the next commander in chief of our country.” Developing….images

Oscars blind controversy: A former Oscar winner told friends she was snubbed by the Oscars this year because several jurists don’t like her kids. Mmmm….who can it be???

IUC travel: Recently, I stayed at the luxurious The Opera Hotel in Kiev. I haven’t experienced many hotels in my travels that rival their opulence, elegance combined with amazing amenities (spa and pool were amazing) and A-1 service. Despite all the war and insecurity in the Ukraine, Kiev remains one of the most interesting cities to visit. The Opera Hotel is the place to stay for travelers seeking a first class experience and location in the heart of the city.

Last week I was back in Medellin at the hotel I consider the best in Columbia, Hotel Dann Carlton. Dann is more than just a hotel, it’s a home away from home. Every detail is covered, including spa, amazing outdoor pool, two first class restaurants and the friendliest staff I have ever encountered during my travels. A pianist plays in the lobby daily in the early evening. Dann’s location is the best in Medellin, in between Park Jeres and the popular Santa Fe Shopping center. A must stay for anyone visiting Columbia.Unknown


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