Dog the Bounty Hunter and his effervescent wife, Beth have been sparring more than ever, according to a close friend of the couple. “It’s gotten to the point where Beth chains up Duane at night

Those nasty, cancer promoting tobacco giants. Remember all those old films you saw in which people like Clarke Gable and Joan Crawford lit up in a hazy room of cigarette smoke. It was all because they were paid big bucks by large tobacco companies.
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This Dame recently opened up to GQ about doing coke, shoplifting and having lots of dalliances. Now, she talks about Mike Tyson being innocent of rape and how women in general should beware of date rape. As if this delirious actress was really friends with Iron Mike.

Since this is the week of everyone outing everyone (Lindsey, Clay, Condi…) I thought the time is perfect to explore those longwithstanding rumors about the The King of Rock’N Roll. Its fact Elvis Presly was obsessed with James Dean, having watched Rebel Without a Cause some 50 odd times, which resulted in Elvis having an [...]

Pinetop Perkins, legendary piano player of the Muddy Waters band, is a huge fan of this band. They play regularly at BB Kings on 42nd Street. Check em out live here.

The woman New York Magazine featured on its cover, calling her the No.1 escort in the Big Apple, is about to release a book about her experiences. Included is details on how she befriended and trained Ashley Dupre, the girl who made headlines for servicing disgraced Governor Eliot Spitzer. Judging by the juicy [...]


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