Did you see that the mighty NHL suspended Sean Avery for “inappropriate comments” I think this is the most ridiculous thing.What is the definition of inappropriate these days. Curse words and insults are part of our fabric. My God people, Obama and McCain said worse things to each other during their debates than Avery did [...]

This just in- a Dallas escort revealed to IUC she engaged in tantric sex with Yankees slugger A-Rod less than a week ago in a Miami hotel.  She claims he paid her $3200 for two hours of hard core fun, including toe licking, anal sex and role playing.  Wonder if Madonna got off watching it [...]

Here in New York everyone was recently transfixed by the absolute stupidity of New York Giant receiver Plaxico Bureess, it was the 35 million dollar gunshot wound, that will destory his career and land him in jail for at least 18 months. He will be made an example, due in court in March..Condaleeza will be [...]

Plax could join Michael Vick behind bars soon

They should remake the Longest Yard as a reality show.  Imagine, Michael Vick throwing long bombs to Plaxico Burress.  Could be the best QB/receiver combo to play on any turf.
First he shoots himself in the foot.  Now, a top NYC escort agency owner has revealed to IUC NY Giants’ [...]

Madonna is the willing and unwitting leader of pop culture. Now, in the spirit of her notorious mischief, she will finalize her divorce with Guy Ritchie this Friday in London High Court. And anyone who thinks A-Rod is an insignificant presence better take a pill. As previously reported on IUC, the couple [...]

As if the New England Patriots don’t have enough problems with their star player Tom Brady being out with injury for the full season. The Patriots are always big winners on the field. Off the field, a controversy has develped that has never before been revealed to the public. Teammates of a [...]

Having covered sports for years it amazes me a tough guy like this who can put the puck in the net is not playing for an NHL team. I hope there’s a GM out there who will wake up and give Dave a shot! Lets all email the NHL GM’s and urge them [...]


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