Rod Carew, Ike Turner, Sammy Davis Jr. and now NY Knicks’ new acquisition, Amare Stoudemire, have joined the tribe. Is he doing it to get in the good graces of NY fans? Thanks to Dr. Small for this article (Read This)

If you think you’ve heard it all the past few weeks with leaks from Selana Roberts’ upcoming bio of Yankees’ slugger A-Rod you better take a deep breath.  In a six month investigation IUC has learned Alex Rodriguez has bet on professional sports for years, including major league baseball.  This according to a Las Vegas [...]

One of my all time favorites recently announced he’s attempting a baseball comeback at age 49. Oil Can Boyd is a class act who for some strange reason was blacklisted by MLB in the prime of his career.  Now, 18 years since appearing in a MLB game, The Can thinks he still has it.  (READ [...]

Watching the big game…just got off the phone with a longtime sports journalist who has covered the Steelers for almost 10 years.  He called me from the press box in Tampa.  He insists two members of the Steelers starting offence are gay…and at least six others on the squad are Bi.  Why are athletes so [...]

Behind Jessica Simpson’s back, it is alleged Tony Romo has been seen around town with a mysterious young, hot woman.  To top it off, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not amused.  He’s pissed
because it’s all gone to Romo’s head.  “Jerry’s fed up with Tony,” a team insider told IUC.  “He thinks Tony’s more interested in [...]

Ever since I’ve been in NYC I’ve heard countless horrific rumors about Curry, but never wanted to believe them.  One guy at a Karoake bar told me he jacked off Curry in the back of the club.  A member of the Knicks told me Curry and former disgraced coach Isiah Thomas participated in gay orgies [...]

Two recent developments keep the IUC sports rumor bin flowing. Hey has anyone seen Mark Ingram? Former New York Giant receiver   was supposed to show up to prison in Kentucky earlier this week. Beginning a 7 year sentence for bank fraud and $ laundering. Now hes on the be honest I don’t think [...]


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