Eager to name names as well as their sexual proclivities, Madame Renata dissed the dirt to me on another of her clients – Oscar winning actor Jack Nicholson, considered one of the greatest Hollywood superstars in history. She said Nicholson requested the most lewd sex acts of any of her celebrity clients.
“He liked to [...]

Queen Latifah, who’s actually a nice person, has finally spoken out on her gay rumors. But she refuses to reveal which way she swings. IUC wants to finally clear it all up – Latifah loves pussy.

This according to a stripper who says the Queen once doled out thousands of dollars on lap dances [...]

IUC is instructing all married Jewish couples, young and old, to do the 69 position at least once this year. And, for the sake of art and posterity, video it, send it to me and I’ll post it on Youtube for free. Best video gets a free Kosher dinner at my Manhattan [...]

The woman New York Magazine featured on its cover, calling her the No.1 escort in the Big Apple, is about to release a book about her experiences. Included is details on how she befriended and trained Ashley Dupre, the girl who made headlines for servicing disgraced Governor Eliot Spitzer. Judging by the juicy [...]

For the first time since the Kennedy administration an incoming U.S. President won’t have Fidel Castro to spar with. Its all part of a documentary I’m directing to be released next year. A former Castro close friend and Cuban official now living in Canada confides to IUC how Cuba’s dying President kept [...]


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