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An hour after I posted this morning, revealing that Joaquin Phoenix is on the
verge of coming out, IUC confirmed an interesting related story by a Toronto stripper.
She told me that she was hired by Joaquin Phoenix’s manager a couple of summers back to
show up at Phoenix’s hotel and get intimate with him for one hour. [...]

Madonna is the willing and unwitting leader of pop culture. Now, in the spirit of her notorious mischief, she will finalize her divorce with Guy Ritchie this Friday in London High Court. And anyone who thinks A-Rod is an insignificant presence better take a pill. As previously reported on IUC, the couple [...]

- Kenny Chesney “flirts” with Shania at CMA Awards (AHN)
- Lindsay insists she’s no dyke (SIFY)
- IUC told you so, looks like Paula Abdul will leave American Idol (MSNBC)
- Amy Winehouse’s drug dealer gets nabbed (TMZ)
- Brad Pitt pissed about Jen’s comments in Vogue (Glosslip)
- Rod Stewart, who is the subject of an upcoming IUC [...]

In my exclusive interview with notorious Hollywood madame Renata, she revealed members of the mega rock group U2 had been clients for years. “I can’t tell you which ones cause I like them and would feel terrible betraying their trust,” she told IUC.
Meanwhile, Bono was recently spotted having fun with these teen groupies on [...]

Clearly, Isaiah Thomas tried to coverup his suicide attempt. Police reveal his story did not check out. Thomas, according to a close friend of his, was extremely distraught after hearing IUC revealed he was a regular client of Hollywood Madame Renata. Renata told IUC
Thomas spent some 74k on her escorts over [...]

A reliable source has confirmed to IUC that basketball legend Isaiah Thomas was visibly shaken after learning he had been linked to a prostitution scandal involving A-List actors and athletes revealed on IUC yesterday. Hours later, he tried to commit suicide, overdosing on sleeping pills and was rushed to hospital, according to a close [...]


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