A mystery Maryland woman contacted IUC, claiming she had an on/off affair with Bill Clinton for several years and says she plans to marry the married President. The former model/dancer who calls herself “Chaki” refused to provide IUC with proof when I asked her for corroboration. “If you don’t print it I’ll take [...]

During the filming of an upcoming documentary on “Cuba’s Dynamic Culture” a top aide revealed to me how infatuated President Fidel Castro is with Angie Jolie. “The man has been a big fan of hers for years and years,” the aide said. “Castro would give his right arm to have a night alone [...]

You may have noticed that the nation’s most beloved President’s mug was removed today from the poll below this post.  In honor of Presidents Day and the 200th birthday of the 16th President, IUC is outing Lincoln as America’s gay founding father.  The late historian, C.A. Tripp, alleged in the controversial book The Intimate World [...]

IUC has confirmed Caroline Kennedy was told last week to immediately withdraw from her NY Senate bid cause of her ongoing extramarital affair with New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger.  Sulzberger, known as “Pinchy”, is married but in middle of a divorce to his wife of 33 years, Gail Gregg.  A top DNP source revealed [...]

It was none other than President Obama who convinced Caroline Kennedy to seek Hilary Clinton’s senate seat.  Obama wanted to position Kennedy to succeed him as Commander In Chief in 2016.  “Barack and Caroline worked closely the past couple of years,” a source in the DNP told IUC.  “Barack wanted to position Caroline as the [...]

They danced, romanced and dazzled last night at all the inauguration balls.  New President Obama told close friends months ago he planned on having a memorable first night in the White House.  The way he danced with Michelle last night, it would be surprising if the Obamas did not continue shake, rattling and rolling till the [...]

Enjoy today’s historic inauguration.  Great to see George Bush leaving on a one way ticket back to Texas.  Here’s to justice – hoping one day Bush will be held accountable for the disastrous state he left the world in and the millions of innocent lives lost because of his war mongering decision making.  (Read This)


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