The Today Show, one of my favorites to appear on, has canned an upcoming segment with Britney cause of all her “ridiculous demands”.  This confirms a previous IUC story how Britney is afraid to sing in public and will only lip-sync whether it be on a tv show or live concert.  One of the key [...]

This band is the talk of NYC right now.  Do you think they’ll break out worldwide?  let us know and view this.

IUC has learned legendary Dire Straits’ frontman and virtuoso producer Mark Knopfler believes he can bring Shania Twain back to the top of the charts.  “Shania’s working with a new producer but is considering bringing on Knopfler to make sure the album goes smooth,” a friend of Shania told IUC.  “He recently told colleagues how [...]

That never ending publicity monging pop diva Paris Hilton is threatening to release a follow up album to her 2006 atrocity.  Should we give Paris no.2 a listen? 

Does Paris deserve a musical comeback?

let IUC know.  (Hecklerspray)

Britney lucky she has Courtney

Britney Spears should dole out some royalty checks to grunge goddess Courtney Love for taking it on the chin for her.  READ THIS

You heard it here first.  A top Hollywood film producer is prepared to offer gossip queen Perez Hilton a high six figure sum to take on the role of Elton John in a film about the life and times of the incredible entertainer. 
The Producer, who told IUC he has a finished script, believes Perez is [...]

Britney the Queen of B.S.

Britney is the consummate profressional spin doctor.  Years ago, she told the world she was a virgin when in fact she lost her virginity at age 16.  Now, in her new documentary “For The Record” she renegs on her promise to tell all.  Basically, it was a puffed up promo piece [...]


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