The CRTC formally accepted my discrimination complaint yesterday against Tout Le Monde En Parle and Radio Canada. My complaint claims that the hosts of the show had a premeditated agenda for me and that I was treated unfair. A spokesperson from the CRTC contacted me, saying: “I am asking Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [...]

A close friend of singer superstar Rihanna told IUC today what exactly led up to the brutal attack on her Saturday night by boyfriend Chris Brown.  The friend said Rihanna had a history of panic attacks and freaked out a star studded bash when she caught Brown flirting with an older woman, well known hollywood [...]

Reports are rife, including from her own record label, that Shania Twain is not working on a new album.  IUC has confirmed she is hard at work planning her comeback and has composed over 100 new songs to pick from.  So, no matter what the singing legend’s spin doctors say IUC wants you to know [...]

Shania’s breakup several months ago to cheating hubby/producer Mutt Lange inspired her to write dozens of new songs.  Now, she seems ready for a complete makeover.  She told a friend on the weekend she intends to come back with a completely new look.  Shania has
been working out five days a week and is determined to [...]

Bestselling author Gwen Cooper has contributed to Variety, People and Harper’s Bazaar.  Her most famous work is the provocative book, “Diary of a South Beach Party Girl”. Here’s what Gwen wrote about my film His Highness Hollywood (available for only $14.99 with free shipping -order now for Christmas):
His Highness Hollywood
SupaDupa!!! Productions
Director/Star: Ian Halperin
Retail: $14.99 US
In an era when [...]

Paul McCartney was recently asked by a London session musician which bands’ talents he likes in today’s musicland.  “A lot of the bands today are much more technical than we were,” Macca said.  “But the Barenaked Ladies have to be my favorite.  Their harmonies are right on.  They could outsing us any day of the week.  I don’t think [...]

Michael very Ill

As previously reported The King of Pop Michael Jackson is gravely ill.  IUC has learned he’s fighting a life threatening lung disease called Antitrypsin Deficiency,  more commonly known as Alpha-1.  The disease originates in the liver and often leads to lung destruction.  A close friend of Jackson told IUC the singer is scared [...]


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