This is the second outing in our current “Out of Hollywood Closet”quiz series. 


My readers might have noticed that a prominent photo was removed from the list last night at midnight.
IUC has learned that Oprah is seriously contemplating taking a page from her former talk show rival, Rosie O’Donnell, and finally coming out as a lesbian shortly after she gives up her talk show.
During my undercover investigation posing [...]

IUC had an exclusive interview today with another Hollywood actress who said she was involved with Toothy Tile.  This one, however, admitted she slept with Toothy Tile several times over the past three years.  The actress, who gave us the interview on condition of preserving her anonymity, said Toothy (Jake Gyllenhaal) had sex with her [...]

My regular readers have noticed that since the passage of the vile hate legislation, Proposition 8, in November, I have been outing prominent figures more often than Angelina Jolie adopts babies (speaking of Angelina, she may be a phony, but at least she had the courage to publicly reveal her bisexuality).
My decision to out people [...]

Today is a great day for justice in the sporting world. Sports Illustrated outed Yankees enigma Alex Rodriguez as a cheat, having tested positive for steroids in 2003.  Now, Rodriguez who will break Barry Bonds’ Juiced up home run record in a few years will join Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mark McGuire in the growing list [...]

I’ll reveal more very soon.  Hundreds of teenagers kill themselves every year because they are gay and tens of thousands more are suicidally depressed because they are afraid to come out, which disgusts me. If people knew that people like Jake Gyllenhaal, their role models (actors, athletes, politicians) were gay, it would do a lot [...]


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