Honestly, music and fashion need a major kick in the arse! Is there nothing else to make these forms of artistic expression more substantial and exciting? Desperately needs to be revived as a form of emotional catharsis rather than a hypnotic, repetitive and most willing act of commerical vagueness to conform to society’s [...]

Men prefer to look at women with perfect curves. So do women. Who else do you class as having perfect bodies. let us know. (Read This)

A lot has changed in professional sports fitness since wideload Refrigerator Perry trotted his way around the football field: barbecue sauce is no longer considered a legitimate hydrator and last time I checked, when you are six foot two and weighing in at 382 pounds, you are not in ideal form. But this rather [...]

Many will say Obama. Is there anyone out there sexier than the U.S. Prez?

Though we are indeed in the 21st century, there is still something to be said for Rock Hudson’s commitment to the closet. He wanted no femininity to slip through the cracks of his stalwart rough and tumble persona and he was not going to let his true sexual orientation put a pall on his public [...]

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say something that might not be comforting to those of us whose mothers have convinced us that we’re beautiful even though, well, we’re not. Our eyelashes are short, we have stringy unkempt hair, our lips are shriveled and thin and we only wish our [...]


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