- In Quebec City this weekend. I’ve had a number 1 ranked radio show on CHOI FM for years with my good buddy Dany Houle. I learned from credible sources yesterday the Montreal Canadiens are not pleased with what I’ve been saying about the hockey team on air. I strongly suggest that [...]

IUC World Exclusive: A person once close to Republican Candidate Donald Trump told IUC that the former Apprentice host has “hidden treasures” all over the world. When asked to elaborate the former New Yorker who now resides in Palm Beach replied, “the world will find out sooner than later. I love Donald, [...]

Missing you like mango…wish you were here like the air that I breathe…you are diamonds and a ring of gold…wonderful like your in the world…feeling a moment when you let it slip away…breathe and release…never say the sky’s the limit…the road to perdition…life’s a happy song…smiling and dialing…great lakes are salt water…rainbows and lollipops…dress up [...]

A Buckingham Palace insider revealed to IUC that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have led separate lives for at least 23 years. The source claims during that time Philip had multiple mistresses, including a well known socialite who is almost 50 years his junior. “He’s shagged many woman, including a well known west [...]

white gown goddess….Fergie’s weeping edema…Wilkat lasting longer than contractions…royal debauchery band…who can claim head of household…Harry playing the field in craps…mystery lovers corner…Diana would have giggled!!!!!

I’ve always loved hot fatties in the nude. But Kim looks more like a greased up, silicon, botox and caked on makeup wannabe model gone awry. After noticing her botched up surgeries I lost my appetite. Bring back Marilyn, or my favorite figurative artist Henri Manguin to show star struck Kim how [...]


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